Bundle It!

With our Bundle It service, you choose different items and we can bundle them into a cool gift box that can also be personalized. This is also known as kitting.

Mix and match multiple items and put them together in one package. Deliver them directly with drop shipments.

Curating a gift using multiple promotional products showcases your brand and makes it and your message memorable.

Create a unique brand experience! You can add snacks to your gifts too!

Why Bundle?

Create more opportunities for your brand and message to be exposed and shared.

Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially one that unveils a delicious experience!

Your Way
Create a kitted gift that represents your message and core brand principles!

We have the team and facility to coordinate, package, and ship your unique gift!

We offer packaging options such as:
Custom Printed Stickers - Make an impression the moment the gift arrives.
Decorative Packing Paper - Gives your gift a personal touch. Select an on-brand color.
Message Card - Personalize your message or provide artwork and we’ll print it and include it for you.